How do I get a Timi Wallet?

Create Timi Wallet
Written by Timi Support Team
Updated 2 years ago

Follow these steps to create your Timi Wallet and join the data ownership revolution.

  1. REGISTER.  Visit the web wallet link and Tap REGISTER to create your account 
  2. SECURITY PASSPHRASE.  Make sure to save your 12 word security passphrase. Your security passphrase is required for account recovery.
  3. ACTIVATE WALLET.  Send 5 XLM (Stellar Lumens) tokens to your address. You do not need a MEMO to send XLM to your wallet. Once the 5 XLM tokens are received, click on the ACTIVATE and wait until the activation process completes for TIMI, TDNA, THT, and FIT tokens.
  4. READY TO GO.  Your Timi Wallet is now ready! Send and receive funds with your wallet.

    Need Stellar XLM? Use Coinbase to obtain Stellar Lumens (XLM)

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