TimiCare isn't working for me. Please help!

Troubleshoot TimiCare
Written by Timi Support Team
Updated 2 years ago

We are sorry to hear you're having trouble with TimiCare.  Below are some useful techniques which often help in situations like this:

  • Double check that you are using a browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Restart your browser - It may seem a bit silly, but it does help clear up a number of minor issues! 
  • Double check your internet connection - ensure that you are connected to a strong WiFi connection for the best possible experience.
    • Run a bandwidth speed test at: www.speedof.me or www.speedtest.net to ensure your connection meets our minimum requirements. You need a download speed of 3mbps or better, and an upload speed of 1.5mbps or better, in order to maintain a stable connection with our service. 
    • If your speed results are lower than the above recommended, or your connection still is not successful, try Cellular. If your device is compatible, but you aren't able to get a good WiFi connection, using your cellular connection may be an option. We recommend this step in areas with strong LTE/4G coverage.
  • Restart your device - sometimes your phone or laptop can experience a hiccup during the consultation and cause the video to not run properly.  Restarting your device should rule this out as an issue.

If after trying the above tips, you are still unable to run TimiCare, please contact our Customer Support and they will assist you further.


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