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How to Connect Your Samsung Phone

Samsung Health app
Written by Timi Support Team
Updated 11 months ago

If you would like to try to connect TimiFiT to your Samsung Health app, please continue with the following steps: (please note that this option relies on several apps connectivity before it reaches TimiFIT. The data may not always reflect accurately). Follow these steps and follow up with us.

  1. Download Google Health Sync from Google Play Store and open the Health Sync app.
  2. Follow instructions to set up Health Sync app.
  3. When selecting your Sync Direction, choose to sync from Samsung Health and select Samsung Health to Google Fit as your Sync Direction.
  4. Select the 'Check Google Fit Connection' button and select the same Google account you have connected in Google Fit. Select 'Allow' to give Health Sync access to Google Fit.
  5. Select the 'Check Activity Tracking in Google Fit' and make sure Google Fit Tracking is turned 'Off' then select 'OK'.
  6. Lastly, click to check the data you want Health Sync to share with Google Fit, and turn on 'All permissions' when prompted.
  7. Open TimiFiT and change your Fitness Tracker to Google and restart TimiFiT app.

Note: The above instruction to connect to Health Sync is a solution for those seeking an alternative to syncing steps to TimiFiT via Google Fit. TimiFiT is not responsible for data tracked via Samsung Health Sync.

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